So-called ‘peephole’ drivers pose risks to Connecticut motorists

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2014 | Car Accidents

It’s no secret that in the Northeast, and perhaps especially this year, the roads can be treacherous during the winter. Not all drivers take the proper safety precautions, however, as we can see with so-called “peephole” drivers.

Connecticut residents have surely seen them — those odd motorists whose sense of urgency has clearly clouded their judgment, and they drive around with only a small section of their windshields cleared of snow and ice. You might even observe some of these motorists extending their heads out a window into freezing air to get an unobstructed view of the road.

Make no mistake: peephole driving can lead to serious auto accidents. Having visibility is an indispensible part of safely operating a motor vehicle, and not fully scraping off all of the windows and mirrors of a car or truck puts other motorists and pedestrians at risk.

A collision with a peephole driver isn’t the only way other motorists might suffer serious injuries. The large pieces of snow and ice that fall from the vehicles of peephole drivers can obstruct the path of other cars. Many Connecticut residents on their daily commutes have probably had to dodge frozen hunks of snow blown from the hoods and roofs of other vehicles.

If a person has been injured because of another driver’s failure to maintain a vehicle, then it may be necessary to build a claim of negligence. Irresponsible drivers and their insurance companies often try to minimize or avoid paying compensation to injured motorists. To receive the full amount of due compensation, it is a good idea for people who have suffered injuries to speak with an attorney with experience with liability claims.

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