Dog bite causes Connecticut trooper serious injury, prompts suit

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Connecticut police officers often risk life and limb to ensure the public’s safety. They count on the other members of the force to watch their back and help when needed. What they don’t expect is an injury from a member of their own team.

A state trooper who suffered a dog bite from a member of the force’s K-9 unit is suing the city. He claims the dog bit his hand and caused serious injury. He is seeking $60,000 in damages.

Reports show the dog had bitten others in the past. They claim that the dog’s handler and partner did not keep adequate control over the dog’s behavior. Both are graduates of the state police’s training program.

The officer bringing the suit says he was investigating a report of a stolen car when he requested backup. The dog and his handler answered the call. While they were talking to the suspects, the dog attacked and bit the officer on his left hand, leaving a wound about four inches long.

The officer immediately received medical treatment in a Connecticut hospital. He returned to work but says he is permanently disfigured. He says he has not yet regained full use of the hand that was injured.

The case is scheduled to go to trial in early 2014 if no settlement is reached. In this case, as in others where a serious injury occurred, the money being sought could go a long way to help ease the healing process. It cannot make the pain go away, but it can make it possible for the sufferer to receive the assistance he or she needs.

Source: Connecticut Post, Bridgeport might settle dog-bite suit, Brian Lockhart, Dec. 20, 2013


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