Connecticut State Police urge DUI awareness this Thanksgiving

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2013 | Drunk Driving Accidents

As with every holiday season, drunk driving is a serious concern in Connecticut. Unfortunately, DUI accidents cause injuries and deaths throughout the country during the holidays, and the Connecticut State Police are encouraging motorists to be responsible if they choose to drink.

To combat drunk driving, Connecticut state troopers are implementing Operation C.A.R.E. to supplement normal patrols over the long holiday weekend. Drivers can expect sobriety checkpoints and increased DUI patrols throughout the state.

During last year’s Thanksgiving weekend, state police arrested 62 people for DUI, and auto accidents left 59 people injured and took three people’s lives. The state police received a total of 10,469 calls during that time.

Parents are also reminded to inform their children about the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption, especially if the kids are returning home from college for the first time. And motorists throughout the state are encouraged to report suspected incidents of distracted or drunken driving.

According to Connecticut State Police, the day before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day are undoubtedly the year’s busiest traffic days, and motorists need to be especially alert with more vehicles on the roads.

When drunk driving accidents lead to serious injuries or death, the victims or their families also need to be aware of their rights. Warnings and education regarding the dangers of drunk driving are widespread, yet drivers still risk others’ lives throughout Connecticut every day.

Injuries after a DUI accident can cause permanent disability and require long-term medical care, and victims facing this situation need to know that legal remedies are available for receiving due compensation.

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