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Use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to quickly improve your finances

It's best if you never have to consider a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, but there may come a point when you realize it's the only way to get back on solid ground.

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy isn't the right strategy for everyone facing financial difficulties, it's something to strongly consider. With knowledge of the many benefits, you may find that it's the best way to eliminate some of your debts and stabilize your situation once and for all.

Mail fraud law applies to private carriers

Mail fraud is one form of white collar crime that exists on the books. There are a number of ways mail fraud can take place, with Ponzi schemes being one of the best known forms known to the public. Some Connecticut residents may wonder through what medium mail fraud can actually take place. Are private carriers an exception? According to federal law, mail fraud can involve both the federal postal service and private operations.

The purpose of fraud is to obtain money and assets from individuals through deceptive means. Typically, the fraud involves making promises that the fraudster is unable or unwilling to honor. As FindLaw explains, mail fraud occurs when an individual sends material connected with a fraudulent operation through the mail. These materials may include contracts to a customer, a sales receipt, or any general communications about the scheme.

When bankruptcy becomes the only way out

The cost and standard of living in Connecticut is higher than many other states. This can make it easier for people to slip into debt and even harder for them to climb out. The longer that debt remains unpaid, the more it feels as though the debtor may never recover or find a way out. So, what can people do when the debt becomes so much that they cannot afford to make even their minimum payments to keep up?

According to CNBC, for many, the only answer is bankruptcy. For the fiscal year of 2018, more businesses and people were projected to file for bankruptcy than the prior year. At the end of 2017, Americans owed an astounding $13 trillion in debt:

  •          Over $1 trillion in credit card debt
  •          $1.2 trillion in auto loans
  •          $1.4 trillion in student loans
  •          $8.8 trillion in home loans

The financial aspect of separation and divorce

When couples in Connecticut get a divorce, they may spend some time wondering who gets the house, the kids and the pets. They may also discuss whether or not alimony payments should be a part of the deal. However, as the separation and divorce process continues, they may soon realize there are many other financial considerations to keep in mind.

Divorce is costly, but this is true even when there are no legal fees involved. People often lose a half of what they own, if not more, after a divorce. This may be the case even when the other spouse did not bring another half of assets into the relationship. Courts count the value the partner brought to the home as a homemaker to take care of the house, raise the kids and support the breadwinner.

Protecting yourself from a seller's inaccurate disclosure

Buying a home is an expensive process. Every step, from making an offer to signing your documents, involves a lot of research and consideration.

Whether you already have a family and need to grow into a bigger house or have retired and need a downsize to something more manageable, your personal situation will have a direct impact on what condition and style of home you choose to buy. Not everyone can handle a fixer-upper or wants a yard, for example.

Almost 1 in 3 college students report sexual assault at Yale

As home to top colleges in America, such as Yale, Connecticut residents feel compelled to pay attention to statistics affecting students across the country. In 2015, Forbes reported that one former Penn State student made the news after filing a suit against his fraternity and university for activities involving sexual abuse and assault.

The perpetrators he named surprised few people: the fraternity on his campus. The suit alleged that not only did the fraternity use drugs and alcohol to facilitate the abuse, but the university failed to take immediate and responsible action.

Reduce family stress by leaving a will behind

When families in Connecticut lose someone they love, they may also find their time of mourning interrupted by financial necessities regarding their loved one’s estate. Family members may also fight over items of monetary or sentimental value. To make matters worse, the family may have no idea how much the deceased left behind in assets and debts.

So, do people really need a will, especially if they do not have a lot of financial loose ends to tie up? According to CNN, the answer is yes; everyone should have a will. There may still be items that people value for more than their resale value that they may wish to hold on to. In addition to this, some people may be passed over by state inheritance laws and receive nothing. State laws generally overlook charities, friends, unmarried partners and caretakers.

How to recover quickly from bankruptcy

For many people in Connecticut, debt can quickly spiral out of control. When this happens, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the absolute best option they can consider. According to CNBC, in 2018, only 733,000 people were expected to file for bankruptcy. This is a steep fall from 2010’s whopping 1.5 million filings.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a scary experience, but it is not the end of the world. Forbes note that even though bankruptcy remains on a person’s credit report for up to a decade, there are ways to speed up the recovery process. In fact, 65% of bankruptcy filers manage to pull their scores up to 640 or higher in just two years. Here are three ways they get this done.

How to protect your property from burglars

Both a business and home burglary in Connecticut comes with financial and emotional hardships that can be difficult to recover from. In a home burglary, the homeowner may feel violated and mourn the loss of items of sentimental values for a lifetime. Meanwhile, in a business burglary, entrepreneurs see their life’s work disappear before their very eyes.

While there is no foolproof way to protect a home or business from burglars, there are some measures property owners can take to deter criminals. The first one recommended by Forbes is never to believe a neighborhood is exempt. Never buy into the belief that “these things do not happen here.” A burglary can happen anywhere to anyone, and people in safe neighborhoods who no longer secure basement doors or lock ground level windows before going to bed are easy targets.

Be safer when parasailing over Connecticut beaches

Summer is a great time for Connecticut families to head to the seashore for a little R&R. Whether you are the active type who likes to surf the waves or prefer to chill on the beach with an umbrella drink, there are many activities for families vacationing down on the shore.

One activity that fascinates beachgoers of all ages is parasailing. Flying high in a harness above a boat bobbing on the waves, you get a bird's-eye view of the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. It certainly looks like a fun way to while away an afternoon at the beach.

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