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The link between car crashes and the flu

Each year, flu season arrives and people worry about the chances of falling ill. While many people are aware of how the flu can make life hard, some do not realize the other ways that being sick could affect their lives. For example, those who are sick with the flu may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle crash. Unfortunately, there are too many drivers who should not be behind the wheel but make the decision to drive anyway, putting their life at risk and the lives of others also.

What are some weather hazards to watch out for in the fall?

On the road, all sorts of risks may lead to a motor vehicle collision. From driving under the influence to distractions such as cell phones, this blog has covered many of the different threats that can claim lives and result in debilitating injuries. During the winter, many people realize the serious dangers associated with snow and ice on roads across Connecticut. However, there are a number of weather-related hazards that you should be mindful of even before snow starts to fall, such as wind, fog, and rain.

How many drowsy driving accidents happen?

On this blog, we have discussed some of the causes of drowsy driving, an extremely dangerous behavior that claims lives and injuries too many people each year. However, some people may not be aware of just how common these crashes are in Connecticut and across the whole country. Drawing attention to how widespread drowsy driving crashes are is important and drivers need to recognize the potentially devastating consequences they could face if they operate their vehicle while tired.

Multiple vehicles involved in Connecticut crash

Sometimes, traffic wrecks involve a series of vehicles, while others may only involve a single driver. Either way, the consequences can be devastating and may lead to either death or serious injuries. When multi-vehicle crashes happen, the ramifications can leave victims with many different types of problems, from physical pain to medical costs. In Connecticut, these wrecks have turned the lives of many victims upside down and it is crucial for those who drive recklessly to be held accountable.

How many car crashes are blamed on weather?

When it comes to motor vehicle crashes, there are many different factors that can cause an accident. For example, a wreck may happen because of someone’s poor decision to drive after drinking alcohol or while under the influence of drugs. Or, a collision may occur because of speeding, drowsy driving, or any other number of factors. Sometimes, accidents are the result of factors out of a driver’s control, such as poor weather. It is important to be aware of the dangers associated with inclement weather and understand how common these wrecks are.

What are the costs associated with deadly car crashes?

Many people recognize the emotional pain and other challenges that arise when someone passes away in a car accident. However, it is vital to realize that these fatalities can create other problems as well. Sadly, reckless drivers will keep putting innocent lives at risk because they choose to drive while excessively tired, distracted, or intoxicated. For all drivers, it is essential to understand that these wrecks also generate significant costs. Sadly, some of the consequences of a crash, such as losing a family member or friend, are incredibly painful and impossible to put a price tag on.

Car accidents and lost wages

On this blog, many of the physical consequences of a car crash have been covered, such as broken bones and other types of injuries. However, across the state of Connecticut, motor vehicle collisions have other ramifications. AtBeebe & O'Neil, we know that these collisions can also result in emotional distress and, in some cases, financial problems. From medical expenses to lost wages, traffic accidents can be financially devastating.

Are deadly work zone crashes more common in the summer?

From nighttime driving to Fourth of July celebrations that lead to an increase in the number of drunk drivers, this blog has covered various examples of times when driving may be more dangerous. If you live in New London, or drive on roads anywhere in Connecticut, you may also want to be aware that the likelihood of an accident may be greater during summer months as well, particularly if you are driving in work a zone.

Traffic accidents and July Fourth celebrations

Although motor vehicle accidents can take place during any time of year, there are certain occasions where the likelihood of a crash may be even greater. In Connecticut, many people come out to celebrate the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, some of them will cause or find themselves involved in an auto accident. At Beebe & O’Neil, we have seen firsthand how devastating traffic accidents can be for people who live all over the state.

Is distracted driving more prevalent in certain age groups?

On this blog, we have gone over many of the concerns related to distracted driving, from the consequences of a motor vehicle accident to reasons why drivers become distracted. However, it may also be beneficial to assess distracted driving statistics on various age groups. For example, if you are a parent and are worried about your teenager riding in a vehicle with other teens, if you are a young driver, or if you were struck by a driver who you think was distracted, this information may be useful.

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