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How can employers prevent work vehicle accidents?

From ladder falls to accidents which involve machinery, people are hurt at work in many different ways. In New London, and in other parts of Connecticut, some employees are injured in a job-related accident that occurs while they are driving. Unfortunately, these accidents often lead to serious injuries and, in some cases, the loss of life. Because of the serious consequences associated with a crash, prevention is essential.

How many fatal car crashes are the result of speeding?

All sorts of dangerous behaviors can cause a fatal crash, such as the consumption of alcohol or getting behind the wheel while overly fatigued. However, speeding is especially problematic and continues to pose a threat to the lives of vehicle occupants in New London, and in all other cities around the state of Connecticut. Not only should you realize how many fatal wrecks happen because of speeding drivers, but you should not have any hesitation when it comes to holding negligent drivers accountable if your loved one was lost in a collision.

Are fatal crashes more common at night?

With regard to motor vehicle accidents, various issues have been analyzed on this blog. From the consumption of alcohol to reckless speeding and simply failing to pay attention, many dangerous behaviors can cause car accidents. When thinking about fatal auto accidents, it is important to realize other potential risks and factors that may be overlooked by some people, such as the time of day.

Recovering from a scooter or moped crash

From those who are struck by drunk drivers to victims of head-on truck accidents, there are victims of many different types of motor vehicle accidents. If you ride a scooter or moped in New London, or on roads anywhere else in Connecticut, you should be aware of the dangers that you may face on a daily basis. At the law firm of Beebe & O’Neil, we know how upsetting these crashes can be for victims, as well as their loved ones.

How many young workers die in traffic crashes?

For young adults and teenage workers, going to work can be dangerous in many ways. However, traffic accidents are a particularly serious concern for younger workers whose job responsibilities include operating a vehicle. In New London, and in other Connecticut cities, it is vital for employers and young workers to realize how problematic this issue is and try to find ways to reduce the likelihood of such an accident occurring.

How many are injured and killed in drowsy driving crashes?

Motor vehicle accidents have a plethora of causes, such as a reckless driver making the poor decision to operate a vehicle while under the influence or failing to follow other traffic laws. In New London, Connecticut, drivers, passengers, motorcyclists and pedestrians may also be hurt or killed because of a drowsy driver. Sadly, drowsy driving is a major reason why traffic accidents happen and some people do not even realize that they are dangerously tired while behind the wheel.

Statistics on cell phones and traffic accidents

On a daily basis, traffic accidents that involve drivers who were distracted result in over 1,160 injuries and eight fatalities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Across the country, distracted driving takes many forms, whether a driver takes his or her eyes off the road to change the radio station or converse with others in the vehicle. However, cell phones are particularly problematic in New London, and on roads across the state of Connecticut.

A voice for those struck by distracted drivers

From speeding to operating a vehicle while drunk or intoxicated by the use of drugs, motor vehicle accidents have many causes. Unfortunately, some people do not realize how dangerous and prevalent distracted driving is in New London, and Connecticut's other cities. At Beebe and O'Neil, our firm knows how devastating these crashes can be for accident victims and, in some cases, their entire families also.

Recovering from a work zone accident

Whether someone riding a motorcycle is hit by a drunk driver or a pedestrian is struck by an inattentive driver while using a crosswalk, there are all sorts of traffic accidents that claim lives and leave victims with severe injuries. However, road workers and others who find themselves in a work zone often face dangers on a daily basis in Connecticut, and cities nationwide. At Beebe and O'Neil, our law firm is very familiar with the hardships victims of these accidents frequently face.

Analyzing statistics on auto accident causation

From icy roads to driving while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, motor vehicle accidents transpire for many reasons. However, there are other causes that some people may tend to forget, such as bad signage, brake problems and even crossing an intersection, to name only a few. In New London, Connecticut, and on roads across the nation, it is essential for drivers to remember all of the potential risk factors.

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